June 2020Corporate Governance Communications

Management teams and boards must be on the front foot in defending their reputations. We are an active part of the corporate governance community, and advise our clients on a broad range of governance and shareholder situations, from executive transitions, to activist investors, to ESG matters. 

June 2020Financial Communications & Investor Relations

We are deeply experienced in helping companies communicate their stories to the investment community, the financial media and all other key internal and external stakeholders. We have longstanding relationships with Wall Street, the legal community and the top tier financial media, and we work seamlessly across jurisdictions.

June 2020Issues Management & Crisis Communications

The world is moving quickly and information and news travel fast. If companies stand still on the communications front or don’t tell their story and define their own narrative and reach their audiences in the right ways, others will define it for them. We help companies prepare for and manage crises, and work with them on the important process of rebuilding reputations and relationships with key stakeholders once the storm passes.

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