Built on trusted, long-standing relationships

Corporate Reputation and Strategic Positioning

Sophisticated communications, investor relations and stakeholder engagement strategies are the building blocks for a strong corporate reputation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions and significant corporate transactions are part of the foundation on which we built Gladstone Place Partners.

Shareholder Activist Defense and Investor Engagement

Activist investors have never been more forceful and tenacious in their engagements, and virtually no company is immune.


Few milestones are as important in a company’s evolution as an initial public offering, or IPO.

Financial Communications and Investor Relations

One of our core competencies is financial communications and investor relations.

Crisis and Litigation

Gladstone Place professionals have significant experience with major crises and high-profile litigation.

Cyber Security Communications

Cyber security issues are increasingly front-and-center on the agendas of today’s corporate leaders and regulators.

Issues Management and Scenario Planning

Companies deal with a multitude of issues at any given moment. At Gladstone Place, we work with our clients to plan for any potential issues or crises and to determine their reputational risks across businesses, operations and key stakeholder groups.

CEO and Leadership Transitions

Leadership transitions test the reputations of boards and management. Nothing can be more important for a board than a smooth and seamless transition of leaders, whether it is the CEO, members of the C-suite, or directors.

CEO and C-Suite Reputation

The CEO is a company’s chief communicator, whether they like it or not. To build a strong corporate reputation, business leaders must have strong and open channels of communication with key stakeholders, and we can help foster those relationships.

Corporate Governance Communications

As part of our core area of focus, Gladstone Place also has extensive expertise in a wide range of corporate governance issues. Boards are under scrutiny like never before, and a strong governance track record is critical to the reputation of directors and CEOs.

Social and Digital Strategies

CEOs and members of the C-suite have to manage a complex and rapidly evolving social media environment.