Financial Communications and Investor Relations

One of our core competencies is financial communications and investor relations.

We help companies communicate material financial disclosures, news, earnings and other critical information to shareholders, media and other stakeholders. This can range from how to think about giving financial guidance and important earnings disclosures, to the need to restate results or take special charges, as well as other disclosures that become critical to the reputation of management teams and boards of directors.

Gladstone Place is made up of professionals who have accounting, finance and legal backgrounds who can be a core part of a financial communications or IR team. We work with management, communications and IR teams, in addition to other external advisors, to craft messaging and documentation for earnings announcements, investor days and other important milestones. This includes devising a media and IR strategy for these events and disclosures.

We regularly work alongside clients to develop a core story for an investor presentation, or rethinking a client’s IR story post transaction or other strategic changes. We ensure the IR story is articulated clearly to the marketplace and is being perceived accurately using shareholder audits where appropriate.