Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions and significant corporate transactions are part of the foundation on which we built Gladstone Place Partners. Over the years our team members have advised on a multitude of M&A transactions big and small, cultivating decades of trusted, long-standing relationships with advisors, media outlets, investors, analysts and others in the M&A community.

M&A is an important lever for companies to fulfill their mission and strategic objectives, and our team has deep expertise advising both public and privately-owned companies on a broad range of transaction types. We have significant experience in both North American and global M&A, including major U.S.-U.K. and U.S.-Europe cross-border work. Our expertise spans transactions involving challenging approval processes, including antitrust, CFIUS and other regulatory considerations.

As part of our transaction-related work, we also assist companies with structural changes such as split-offs, spin-offs, break-ups, Reverse Morris Trust transactions and re-domicilings. We are well-versed in these transactions and the issues around separation and creating a new corporate entity.

We bring significant experience and seniority to our M&A work, and put together the best teams that suit our clients’ needs. Of course, in any transaction, it starts with the core story. We work on the overall business strategy messaging alongside our clients and other advisors to develop the most thoughtful and authentic story to convey to investors, media, employees, third parties and others.

At Gladstone Place, we develop a communications plan and documentation specifically tailored for each situation to address and manage emerging issues. We work closely with our clients and other advisors throughout the process, from initial planning to announcement and rollout to critical milestones between launch and closing. Upon closing, we work with clients to execute their integration plans, establish the proper ongoing communications strategy and track milestones to monitor performance.